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Although WBT is most popular in elementary schools, this featured video shows the creator of WBT, Chris Biffle, using it quite successfully with college students. It is intended for a child to complete, and the results can be discussed as a family to facilitate understanding and come up with solutions for family problems.

The following activities require some type of pre-planning.

Group Discussion Topics & Activities

It is best to take notes as strayers stop by so you document everyone's input and have something to refer back to when you conclude the activity by discussing all of the input you've received. Doing so encourages individual reflection on issues before class. Cooking is perfect for this type of activity since it gets members working together, doing something fun, and it requires interaction with the other members of the group.

Relationship Growth Activity This activity can be an excellent icebreaker for couples therapy groups. I listen to group reports in order to determine on which areas in our assignment students need further work.

Is it easier to do things by yourself or with others.

Group Discussion Activities

Should capital punishment be allowed. Socratic Circles Basic Structure: He believed that identifying and bringing awareness to these thoughts was the first and most important step in ridding ourselves of our negative, unhelpful, or harmful beliefs.

Group Discussion Activities

Fear in a Hat This icebreaker is best applied in a setting where everyone is at least somewhat familiar with the other members of the group. However, this is not a competition, and after everyone goes around answering the question, a larger discussion usually takes place based on what each individual said.

To lead a group through this activity, instruct all group members to take a few minutes to think about interesting aspects of their life.

Each group moves to a station, where they take about ten minutes discussing an idea, issue, or concept, and recording the results of their discussion on a white board located at the station.

Addiction Discussion Questions Handout This handout provides six discussion questions for therapy groups focused on substance abuse and addiction. When man lives in society, he does not live in isolation. This cooperative learning process encourages productive interaction and cooperation among group members.

The Big List of Class Discussion Strategies

Keep the session flowing. Some teachers use this strategy to have students teach one piece of content to their fellow students, making it less of a discussion strategy and more of a peer teaching format. After practicing in the "expert" groups, the original groups reconvene and the students teach each other what they learned.

Is it right to commit suicide. If desired, the formation of new learning groups of four students [two pairs] can then be assigned a new group-related activity or questions to consider.

The Big List of Class Discussion Strategies

Have each member take their turn climbing onto a table and falling backwards into the other members of the group without looking behind them.

Here are some group discussion games listed below that will help a person learn how to be a part of a group and yet maintain his individuality. Quality Listing This is a simple discussion game with an interesting turn to it.

Group Discussion Activities Group discussion activities help at several levels, may it be professional or personal.

The following article will highlight the importance of these activities and provide you with examples of some of the same. The activities and procedures are geared towards addiction or substance abuse groups, many of the suggestions and planning materials can be applied to any therapy groups.

For example, the PDF includes a set of group rules and a guide on discussing the rules with group members. Sharing writing early in a writing group’s work together can be a no-pressure way to get to know one another’s projects and writing styles.

Brainstorming as part of the group process Writing groups can provide not only feedback and a forum in which to share work, but. This activity may also be assigned because it is useful for both spontaneous discussions and a wide variety of planned learning activities, such as, discussion reviews, case study analysis, brainstorming, exam reviews, topic development, and reflective thinking.

The purpose of all the activities is to give people a chance to meet each other and to share information about themselves. Emphasize that (whatever activity you choose) it's meant to be a fun game, not a test, and that nobody will be keeping score!

Pass The Hat This game is .

Write about group discussion games
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Group Discussion Topics & Activities - Icebreaker Ideas